And so this is Christmas

590 orrong road

The OG Christmas break up was quite the shindig.

It is nearly 3 years since the Orrong Group was formed with the aim of achieving a suitable development for 590 Orrong Road. There have been some significant achievements in that time:-

Remember 2010 and the overflow meetings at the Malvern Town Hall , the hundreds of submissions, emails and phone calls you all made to the Council and the excitement of the December 2010 Council decision to refuse Lend Lease’s application for a huge 16 storey development? Well they worked – Lend Lease was denied its planning permit.

In 2011 an Urban Design Framework with a maximum height of 17 and half metres (the height of the existing building) and a density of 250 units was forwarded to the Planning Minister. A further request for the Minister to grant an Interim Planning Control was submitted to allow completion of the UDF.

Lend Lease’s second planning application lodged in August brought 632 community objections and Council refused that application in December. Ignoring our wishes and the Council’s decision Lend Lease took its bat and ball and appealed to VCAT.

2012 -Despite over 500 Statements of Objections Lend Lease’s appeal to VCAT against the Council decision was successful with its application being granted in full.  A big disappointment to the community which had fought so hard.  Council made the brave decision to appeal that decision and was granted leave by the Supreme Court to appeal.

At the same time work has continued on the UDF and that is already covered in section above.

This has involved the Orrong Group Committee in an enormous amount of work, dozens of meetings with Council, politicians, hundreds phone calls, half a dozen major submissions, conferences with barristers and planners, attendance at VCAT (3 weeks) and Panel hearings (4 days), leaflets to the community and much more. We average over 30 hours per week, every week.  

2013–We come to the end of 2012 with much still to do next year such as the finalization of the UDF, and the Supreme Court appeal.

The Orrong Group Committee has worked hard over the past nearly 3 years and would welcome any assistance. We are all volunteers with family and business commitments and some of us need a break. We’ve enjoyed several waves of fresh talent over the years which have expanded our skills and resprung our step. It’s time for the next.

That said, let us be clear: Lend Lease – we will do everything to continue outsmart and outcampaign you. The Supreme Court appeal will again bring out the best in us. 

Our committee meetings are pleasant gatherings and very informal so please join us. Phone Margot on 9510 4845 if you would like information on the committee workings.

At this point we wish you a happy Christmas and a great new year.

Your Committee.


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