Open space policy for Stonnington

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“Do you mind? I’m trying to get to the Minimax sale before they run out of their newly arrived Alessi Trivets.”

An agenda item for the Council’s first meeting was a recommendation that council adopt a long term open space strategy for the municipality. In the background notes the report emphasised that Stonnington has the second lowest amount of open space at 6.7% 20m2 per person) of any Victorian Municipality. The lowest is the neighbouring Glen Iris with only 4.7%. In comparison the average area set aside for open space across Metropolitan is 17.9%.

The report continues –Stonington’s population is increasing so the current average rate of 20m2 of open space per person is increasingly eroding. The population increase is part of more intensive redevelopment which reduces existing private landscaping and recreational space and puts increasing pressure on the existing low levels of open space.

The new councillors voted unanimously to adopt the open space strategy.

We suggest you read this as it covers the methods for identification and acquisition of properties for each suburb.

How is this strategy relevant to 590 Orrong Road?  

The Orrong Group has always stated the community view that we support a residential development provided it is reflects the surrounding area in respect to height and density and that it includes 20% of public open space.

At the numerous community consultations over the past 3 years many residents raised the idea of the Council purchasing this site for public open space or suggested lobbying the State Government to purchase the site for a secondary school.

The site is of course privately owned by the Hargreaves Family Company – Larkfield Pty Ltd and Land Lease, the development company, succeeded in gaining from VCAT a Planning Permit to construct its massive 19 buildings, so there maybe no prospect of the Council purchasing the site.

However is it worth raising with Council? Let’s have your comments.

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