Supreme Court Appeal update

590 orrong road lend lease

The Supreme Court reserves the right to opt for judges other than those pictured.

The date of the hearing is still set for the 16 and 17 April 2013.  Please watch out for further update.  We would not be surprised if this date was brought forward.

Specifically Stonnington Council has made the brave decision to appeal the VCAT decision which upheld Lend Lease’s appeal.  We need to let our newly elected Council know we support this decision every chance we get and to urge them to give a strong commitment to the appeal.

One of the grounds of the appeal is, as you know, the VCAT Tribunal’s determination that “the extent of the community opposition was irrelevant”. This is a very significant issue and if this determination remains in a VCAT decision this would become part of planning policy and adversely the community participation in all planning applications and decision making processes in Victoria.

The Orrong Group has had the assistance of a barrister to advise us and to have a “watching brief” at the hearing. 

Given that the appeal is directed to the rights of the community to state its views on development proposals, it is important that there is a big turn-out to the Supreme Court on 16 April. As the date approaches, please encourage your friends and neighbours to attend the Court.

Let’s be clear – our appeal could set a precedent for all Victorian Councils and all Victorians who feel that the community is left out of VCAT processes. We need this to be big. Talk to us if you have any specific contacts with similar groups to Orrong Group as we want to make this appeal a BIG DEAL.


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  1. Posted by Claire Seppings on December 28, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Hi all,

    Thank you for keeping us in the loop – and well done!! What a time that will be in the Court and what a time this is for Victoria!

    In Castlemaine – we have a ‘Save Castlemaine’ campaign/ movement that has recently commenced in response to the Mt Alexander Shire Council’s decision to sell the heritage listed old Castlemaine gaol to private developers who plan to build townhouses/ serviced apartments around the perimeter – basically changing our local skyline forever – and potential gold fields historical world heritage listing.

    And all of this is despite two separate petitions ( 800 & 700 signatures) and 361 submissions (only 17 in favour of the sale) to council.!/groups/savecastlemaine/385754084852565/?notif_t=group_comment_reply

    I look forward to keeping in contact with you – and more than happy to be in contact soon to talk about our ‘similar campaign’s.

    Also – you may be aware but just in case – there is also a ‘Save Williamstown’ and ‘Tecoma Village Action Group’




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