The morning after the meeting before.


Lowered expectations raises appreciation.

Great news. The UDF to be sent to Planning Minister Matthew Guy is now significantly better than originally formulated.

Councillors have introduced a maximum 50 per cent site coverage, mandatory height controls of 17 metres (or six storeys) a maximum 250 units and setbacks of six metres around the entire site.

More detail as it comes to hand. Read more about it here. The Minister now has the power to approve or deny Stonnington’s wishes.

This small but crucial battle took well over 200 hours of volunteer time. Heads had to be got around arcane and volumnious reports and proceedures. Letters and submissions written, meetings sought, prepped for and attended. On it goes but it goes well.

This is another bad day for developer Lend Lease and the owner of 590 Orrong Road Larkfield which is owned by former Skilled Engineering CEO Frank Hargrave.

Thanks to the committee who drove this happy turnaround. Thanks to all who emailed our representatives, attended meetings and most of all to Councillors who showed a willingness to listen and compromise.


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