To clarify

ben coughlan

Community of Stonnington – your developer will see you now.

For people unaware of Orrong Group’s position, held consistently since day 1: we do not oppose residential development on 590 Orrong Road. We understand that the site is prime real estate and can accommodate a significant development. We do – and will continue to – oppose inappropriate, overly-dense development.


Nor have we advocated for any specific alternative to residential development, though it’s clear that the site would also suit many purposes, most of which would have lesser negative long-term impact.

Still simple.

Note: not all development proposals are created equal. Before anyone declares a residential development at 590 Orrong Road proposal acceptable, they should set aside four or five hours and investigate the design and scale of this specific proposal. We – and most adults – believe in compromise. There has been none of that from the land owner or developer here. 

City of Stonnington and the Orrong Group have also fought to have VCAT and planning authorities take community reaction into account. To oppose that concept is to hand over all planning responsibility to developers. They are damn close to this status already.

To close: over the past three-plus years we have received immense and overwhelming support by the community. Like all community issues it has divided the community. In this case we estimate the split to be 98.5% to 1.5%. We thank everyone for their support so far.


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