Meeting report


Would you rather see towers or nothing (with a school below the open sky)?

About 70 sturdy souls people braved the elements to attend the meeting with Prahran MP Clem Newton-Brown and Department of Education executives to discuss possible locations for the new $20 million Stonnington Secondary school.

Thanks to all the 590 Orrong Road supporters who attended among parents, pollies and media. We hope you agree that it was time well spent.

Right now there is a long list of potential locations being considered. The decision should be made in the next eight weeks or so so we have to make our desire for 590 Orrong Rd clear NOW.

We were shown the list of selection criteria by which the sites will be judged: cost,availability, site capacity, access to open spaces and activity, site access, impact on surrounding environment, future resident population requirements, proximity to other schools, co-location and integration with other facilities.

Guess what? Having worked our way through the current list of criteria we can report that 590 Orrong Road meets all the criteria.

All reasonable suggestions will be briefly assessed and then the will be whittled down to a shortlist. We cannot conceive how 590 Orrong Rd would not be shortlisted. That said we need your help.

Alternative sites: were displayed on a map and numbered about a dozen including some long shots. The alternative locations included: NMIT (formerly Swinburne TAFE) the Jam Factory, the Victorian School of the Deaf, Cato Street car park, Como, Darling Gardens and more.  None come close to 590 Orrong Road.

Attendees asked about the need for room to grow, open space, public transport and safety. Interestingly student safety was not listed specifically as a selection criteria we hope this is amended.

Also on people’s minds – budget. The government setting aside a miserly $20 million dollars for a school that is likely to attract 1000 students and last 100 years. Anyone who has ever renovated knows that $20 million is an unrealistic budget with which to build a school and a self-imposed limitation.

1. Sign our petition.

2. Sign up to our email so we can keep you abreast of our campaign.

3. Help us distribute our flyers and display our posters. (Coming soon.)

4. If you attend any local primary school you need to call our convenor Margot and see how you can help. 9510 4845.



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