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Email us care of This email address is accessed by several members of the executive and checked regularly but for media and immediate contact call Margot Carrol 03 9510 4845. Please be aware that our volunteers are contributing over 60 hours a week on the campaign so time is precious. The website may hold some of the answers you seek.


PO Box 1277

Hawksburn 3142


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  1. Posted by Maureen Duffy on October 1, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Thanks for all the work!

    I was hoping you could post the groups Bank details so that we can electroncially transfer money into the groups fund to help pay for some of the costs.


  2. Posted by LamontCranston on November 26, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Are you opposed to total residential development of the site?
    I do agree 16 stories is a bit much, but if you look around for more appropriate designs you might find it wouldn’t be so bad – next to Elsternwick railway station there is a building with shops on the ground floor and 3 stories of apartments above that, next to Richmond railway station there are commercial and industrial buildings that have been renovated into apartments, etc.
    Its a lot better than than building more suburban sprawl 30+ km to the north and west.


    • We aren’t necessarily opposed to residential development – far from it. We are very opposed to this current plan as it is not development but over development.


      • Posted by nora on January 31, 2012 at 9:25 pm

        I live in Elsternwick. For your information the three storey apartment block above the station (to which you have referred) is now being used as a ploy, a precedent, for a massive “redevelopment” just opposite! It is just the old thin-edge-of-the-wedge argument.
        And the the “mere 3 storey” apartment block above the station HAS already contributed to a huge increase in traffic and train passenger congestion.
        So keep up the fight in Stonnington!
        Remember, the developers have no altruistic intent to house the homeless, they only want to make money.

  3. Posted by Bernard Ellis on December 17, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    This enormous development would be bad enough if it were the only one. However when put in to context with all the other developments in an around Armadle Praran South Yarra (Forrest Hill what a mess)) it will lead to the destruction and blighting of the whole eastern wedge betwen the Yarra River and Dandenog Road.

    The traffic which these developments will generate will add to the already over stressed road system. The trams and train will be overflowing (vision of the sub continent)

    It is beyond belief that any right minded person could consider these plans as a good idea. It is insanity



  4. Posted by ronald serry on December 21, 2010 at 10:53 am

    As you say the battle is won. I imagine VCAT will now be the arbiter of the war.
    Was probably going to be the case all along.
    One of the interesting aspects is that VLL (the developer) was offering nothing to improve the local amenity.In fact there was no discussion with the stake holders of Toorak Oval Nothing for Toorak Oval, and of course nothing for Orrong Romanis. And of course our Council have care little for these sporting facilities.
    Whatever development takes place, it is these facilities that will bear the brunt of increased usage, and in their current state, one wonders why any developer would bother


  5. Posted by Never Mind on June 17, 2013 at 10:58 am


    I have lived in the area for over 10 years and my home looks out over Toorak Park.
    I have to say that I cannot wait for the 1960’s run down offices filled with short-term leasing be either bowled over or refurbished.

    Could I also ask all you urban planning geniuses whether the existing office buildings, filled with let’s say on aggregate 500 employees creating traffic and parking congestion all day is any different to 500 residents on the same site.

    Correct me if I am incorrect but the number of passenger movements at Toorak train station would hardly be considered in danger of an increase or over supply of commuters given that evem in peak times you would be lucky to count 50 heads leaving the platforms at 6pm.

    Would the group prefer the developer walk away and residents be left with the current chainwire mesh carpark, temporary leases, run-down buildings and landscaping
    which looks like something out of outer western suburbs

    Yes, the precint obviously requires a government secondary school which in a sprilalling economy couuld probably never been funded as we have other genius’s in government that couldn’t manage a 7/11.

    The commercial reality is the developer has earned the right to develop the site by purchasing it. That’s not to say that Lend Lease should be in a position to fill with towers however this is a Grade A residential prospect and should be encouraged on the basis the development fits within the existing urban rabric so that it lift’s the area.

    I think the group should be more concerned with the rubbish being built on High Street and Malvern Road as thiese are being built by shelf developers constructing mindless buildings with poor materials that will far from age well.

    Theres a colourful mixed-use number recently built on High Street adjacent to Graham Geddes antiques that is totally out of context yet no fuss from Council nor any nana lobby group with nothing better to do who have suddenly become experts in urban planning.

    There’s another masterpeice on Malvern Road oipposite Mathoura Road in Hawksburn which has baffled me with how a permit was obtained.

    These little cheaply built develpments create urban litter and your time would be better suited to policing that.

    Provided this development has the right project team, a good design, is notably community consulted, the outcome will never satisy everyone but something needs to be done with the site


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