Planning 101

Planning law

Gather round and we'll tell you a storey

Planning is a complex world full or jargon, process, alternative processes and more jargon. Documents can resemble telephone books and experts are paid handsomely by developers to work the process to their advantage. Here are a few things to note:

This is not like the planning process used to develop land in our residential streets in many ways:

1. City of Stonnington is currently developing an Urban Design Framework to provide guidelines for the site.

2. The developer is currently working on its Plan Mark II (whch we’ve previewed and can confirm is almost identical to the rejected Plan Mark I). 475 units, around 1000 people and thousands of car movements daily. Towers, towers towers!

3. Lend Lease is aiming to outsmart Council by subitting its second plan before the UDF is in place.

4. Once given the green light developers can change their plans dramatically with no public consultation. That’s why we have to act now. Developers of the massive development in Tooronga Road got approval for certain scale of development, then reduced ceiling heights to add more storeys than planned and crammed an extra couple of hundred residents. Cute huh?

5. Fight the towers.


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