Planning scheme explained

High-rise towers pose a threat to your local amenity, parking, heritage, privacy and valuable parkland!

The plans will keep changing – but don’t expect them to shrink.  This is the latest…

Lend Lease has submitted plans to Council for a massive built development, 500+ homes featuring the following:

  • 12 huge towers – 2 x 16 storeys, 2 x 15, 2 x 13, 1 x 11, 2 x 9 and 2 x 7, 1 x 5 plus townhouses, shops and more. All this on a site that sits wedged between Toorak Station and Toorak Park/Victory Square at 590 Orrong Road Armadale;
  • plans to transfer Toorak Park/Victory Square and the railway path to its development. In other words, taking control of public land;
  • plans to axe existing healthy trees and replace our natural parkland and streetscape with few and monotonous plants, much like a moonscape.


Lend Lease Proposal

Lend Lease Proposal

Lend Lease Proposal

Lend Lease Proposed Buildings, Height & Number of Dwellings

Orrong Group is lobbying for low-rise development on behalf of residents. Residents want 16 levels
scaled back to 5 levels which is the current height of buildings at the site.
Orrong Group is lobbying political parties and local/state government to stop the wholesale destruction of amenity and ‘green’ environments by an opportunistic multinational developer.

Residents won’t be railroaded by Lend Lease to accept over-development and an injection of 2,000 people and vehicles in a village precinct on a daily basis!

High Rise Development
Image courtesy Kirsten Anderson

Consider the image above…
Lend Lease’s towers will be 5 levels higher than the apartment block at left located rear to Siena Caffe in Chapel St, and up to 7 levels higher than Prahran Housing Commission flats above right!

We need a community effort to be highly effective in bringing the developer to heel. The alternative is a development that leaves an appalling legacy with which we must live forever.

Write letters and emails to Council, local MPs and Stonnington Leader.

In-kind assistance or donation appreciated.

For more information & to register your support email: Phone: 9510 4845H


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  1. Posted by David & Gillian on September 19, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Interested in being updated


    • Greetings David,

      The easiest way for our volunteers to keep you in the loop is for you to subscribe to the e-newsletter – please subscribe via the sign up box on the right hand side of the screen.




  2. it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded ,,


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